As a graphic designer I am mostly interested in social and political situations worldwide. I combine journalism, speculative elements and a critical perspective to question how a particular process could have been handled differently. Hereby I search for a way to confront the public to think in a different way about the situation. This speculative vision I describe, often suggest that the ordinary might not be so simple, that nothing is what it seems.. To me, graphic design is all about creating tranquility, so the public can deal with the content. I cherish the details. They allow the public to be sucked into the story, because the design is at the service of the message, which I want to convey as clearly as possible. Graphic design to me is an active force in engaging in a discussion with it’s public. I hope it will make people think, and encourage them to question current situations.

I studied at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem and my work received, among others, the nomination of ‘Arnhemse Nieuwe’ by Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (O.P.A) and ‘The Best Dutch Book Design 2017' by Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken. 

This website shows a selected view of my work, more information can be requested at e-mail.

Studio Asja Keeman
Fresiastraat 78
2685 XL Poeldijk
The Netherlands

Curriculum Vitae

Code by DavesVisuals

Timișoara December 1989, publication, 2017: Commisioned by Estera Knaap-Giurgi
This book looks like a brickstone, feels like a heavy chinchilla, smells like a fresh applepie, publication, 2014
Front Row, installation, performance, 2015
Arnhemse Nieuwe, 20x20 talks, 2015: Commisioned by Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (O.P.A)
Youth Vote Exchange: #ruiljestempas, online activist campaign, 2015
Humanity House, flyer, 2017
Goodnight Malaysian 370, publication, sea map, 2014 / 2015: Self-initiated
Designistan, visual identity, 2014: Commisioned by Anne Miltenburg
Lost Takes, publication, 2017: Commisioned by Tobias Bijl
A constant repetition of hair, stop motion movie, 2014
Form Follows Format: (R)Edition, publication series, 2013